Engagement Announcement of

Gordon & Zulita


New Years 2000. Picture given to us by Mark & Mikie.


 Zulita's birthday at Peggy's. Picture given to us by Amilia & Kris.


Picture taken by Zulita hoping to catch him feeling sea sick.


Picture by Gordon in a hurry before she darted into the forest


 Picture by Gordon also in a hurry


Picture taken by Sean or David at Disney World in Florida


 Picture taken by the waiter at El Toritos in Mountain View


Wedding date will be announced in the near future


Engaged May 7th, 2000 at 8:33pm (15 seconds :) on Gordon's old couch (sorry we don't have a picture of it). It is the couch with the hole in the back. Zulita didn't like the couch before but now it is a little more special.

This picture is on the nice blue couch that has a great story. Gordon picked it up from infront of a dumpster (seriously). Someone didn't want it. It is the best piece of furniture at Gordon's place (no holes!!).




This was a perfect birthday party. The smile was great even though it was a little shy. Also, notice Zulita likes pies rather than cakes so pumpkin pie was served with candles.








This picture is from a whale watching trip from Santa Cruz. Zulita brought along sea sickness pills. She took them but Gordon didn't want to. This picture is just before he asked for the pills. He didn't throw up but was a little sick by the end of the trip.








Here is Gordon's faithful companion, Dotty, among a very lush garden in Gordon's backyard. As you can see she is camera shy like Zulita.







Here is a shy cute Zulita. I caught this one on camera without her permission.







This picture shows two important pieces of clothing. One is the hat which is Zulita's favorite on Gordon. She calls it the safari hat. It was purchased just before a trip to Israel for protection from the sun. It works well.

The other item is the Christmas-In-April shirt which Gordon wears often. He has a complete wardrobe (about 6 or 7 of them by now) of Christmas-In-April shirts.





Picture from one of many dinner dates over the last year(s).